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Parijat Controlware, Inc
No matter what industry you are in, Parijat can help
Parijat ControlwareInc.(Parijat or PCI) is a controls systems integrator since 1989, has been a strong player in the controls, automation industry.

Parijat development platforms include any make/model of PLCs, any off the shelf HMI/SCADA, non-Microsoft 3rd party HMI/SCADA, MS Office, any RDBMS, Apple iOS, Android. Parijat applications include, but are not limited to: large O&G systems, rotating machines controls, nuclear waste handling and remediation systems, plastic blending solutions, offshore and onshore safety shutdown systems, food & beverage systems, warehouse distribution center management, tank gauging systems& many more.

Parijat develops end-to-end solutions that assist corporations with their automation, control systems, and monitoring needs. Parijat solutions create a telepresence live link between maintenance, operations, engineers, plant managers, IT, ERP, MIS. Parijat helps our customers use commodity hardware, commodity software, thus eliminating the dependence on any specialty controls or SCADA vendors. Parijat is a close associate of Microsoft & helps implement software solutions using native Microsoft products for HMI, SCADA, data analytics, reporting, data disbursements to anyone & everyone in the plant & to the whole enterprise.

Parijat has world’s largest collection of communications drivers for Microsoft products on one end &various smart industrial devices, like PLCs, VFDs, scales, flow computers etc. on the other end. Some of the non-Microsoft 3rd party SCADA/HMI products may also support the use of these drivers.
Second type of drivers are native drivers for mobile hardware from Android & iOS for Apple products like iPhones, iPADs. Third type of drivers are PLC resident drivers that run inside the PLCs & help them support a protocol that is not native for them. E.g. a PLC brand ‘talking’ to another PLC brand or a PLC ‘talking’ to an external smart device that does not support the native protocol of the PLC. Traditionally this solution requires an external protocol converter box or a hardware product from a compny that is 3rd party to the PLC vendor.
box or a hardware product from a compny that is 3rd party to the PLC vendor. Parijat also utilizes the above drivers & other products to deliver complete solutions. When a client requests, Parijat also helps implement solutions using 3rd party non-Microsoft SCADA/HMI products. Various products used in the past have been RSView, PlantPax, Archestra, InTouch, Indusoft, Citect, iFix, ClearScada, Panelview, EZ Automation, Genesis, Telvent& more. Several occasions, Parijat will fix problems with existing systems also. Several proof of concepts have been built &installed.Parijat is a partner with Rockwell/Allen-Bradley, Opto22, Schnieder, GE, Mitsubishi & various other PLC vendors.

No matter what industry you are in, Parijat can help.
Disclaimer: Any mention of a product or vendor is for reference only & the names belong to their respective owners.
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