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Parijat: Current Projects
No matter what industry you are in, Parijat can help
Replaced a wonderware system with a new Web Based .NET HMI to provide an efficient reporting system & VB .NET 2008 with MS SQL serverHMI for a barge dock loading / unloading system, along with other important features such as: Real Time data acquisition, Hardware Health indicator, Graphical interface, alarm summery, etc.
HMI application for a large fiberglass tank manufacturing Plant. Project consist of HMI with graphical interface and program AB Micrologix 1500 PLC for creation of tank recipes.
HMI application for measuring a user defined length pipes for a 24/7 operation. Consist of programming AB micro logix 1000 PLC and installing a linear actuator and stepper motor for precise measurement and control the position & cutting of the pipes. Also data management used VB .NET 2008 & MS SQL Server 2008.
Matheson – Tri Gas
HMI application for two fill stations that were controlled by one AB PLC. The HMI controls two separate manifolds each having its own vacuum system so that filling operation can occur on both manifolds independently.
Sasol North America
This project consist of programming, installing, configuring and testing Omni flow computer series 3000 / /6000.
Petro Sud Quito, Ecuador
This project consist of setting up and configure Omniflow computer series 3000 / 6000 for the process of monitoring the lact unit and saveloading & prover report.
Advance foods
VB.NET 2008 data Acquizition system for over 100 AB PLCs & various other smart industrial devices like chillers, metal detecting machines, conveyors, etc. This large & complicated system also performs MES & enterprise related functions for the whole plant.
AGL -Jefferson Island Storage Hub
Salt dome leaching system. Project included a PLC program for AB Controllogix and VB.NET HMIs for both Windows and AB PanelView.
CenterPoint Energy-
Project using VB.NET implementing Scada Server and HMI Client application for power monitoring of large substation relays.
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