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EFM Scanner
Electronic Flow Monitor
The Electronic Flow Monitor (EFM) Scanner is a cost-effective and scalable application providing supervisory control capabilities in conjunction with gathering real-time data and retrieving archived EFM records.

  • Polling for Real-time Data
  • Polling for Alarm/Events
  • Polling for Historical Data
  • Demand/Scan Polling
  • Multiple Protocol support
    • Fisher ROC
    • Enron Modbus ASCII
  • Multiple database support
    • Oracle
    • SQL 2000
  • Multiple Export Data Formats
    • CFX
    • PGAS
  • Multiple Communication types
    • Serial
    • TCP/IP
    • Dial Up
  • OPC Support


The EF Monitor application is built using the Parijat HMI Development System in VB.NET. The application is designed to poll Electronic Flow Meters and store historical data as well as provide real time polling capability.

The system consists of three main applications:
  • EF Monitor
    • This application implements the core SCADA capability for the system.
  • HMI Configuration
    • This application allows users to configure the system and database.
  • HMI Clients
    • This application is the primary user interface. Clients may be built from the core components of this application to extend the basic capabilities. Clients may also be extended to support alternative platforms such as mobile devices (Pocket PC, Tablet PC, etc).

Primary components
Each component is machine independent. The optimum location of each component depends on network, device types and other factors.

EF Monitor
The core of the EF Monitor is the Scada Server that collects and stores data from field devices
  • Runs as service independently of users logged on or off.
  • Gather data from meters
    • FisherRoc
    • Modbus
    • OPC
  • Store historical data into database
  • Process alarms and takes actions including write values to device points.
  • Process communication errors
  • Relay data from a point to another point as an output.
  • Update ‘calculated’ points. Collect averages and other type of aggregate data.
  • Send updates to clients
    • Using client driver for Client/Server communications, any application developed with .NET may be a client, including mobile devices using CE.NET.
    • Communication can be extended to provide custom messages to and from clients.
HMI Configuration
The EF Monitor currently uses MSDE or SQL Server for a back end database
  • Setup database
    • Install and manage database from the configuration client.
    • Helps ease the burden of database administrator.
  • Configure database
    • Setup the tags and other operational parameters from the configuration client.
    • Because configuration is in a standard database format, clients may also be developed for configuration inside new applications if desired.
HMI Clients
  • Clients may be on a variety of NET-supported platforms including mobile devices.
  • Extensible client/server communication.
  • Standard HMI functionality.
    • Monitor/Control plant tags
    • Alarms
    • Trends
  • Real time meter scan functionality
  • CFX, PGAS Export functionality
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