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Vehicle Washing System
Bus Wash System
This Software is designed for monitoring, logging data from bus wash lines and store some data in the database. Also, it allows user to control pumps and other devices from the PC workstation.

  • File
    • LogIn
    • Exit
  • Utilities
    • Reports
    • PLC
    • Point Data
    • Port Monitor
    • Drawings
    • Reload
  • Displays
    • Softener
    • Softwater
    • Surfactant
    • ReclaimWater
    • Soap Injection
    • Cooldown and Foamer
    • Brushing1
    • Brushing2
    • Waxing
    • Blowers
  • Window - Not Used
  • Help
    • Contents - Not Used
    • About
Report screen let you pick a day or range of dates to view reports for last two years.
On the top combo box, choose Lane 1 or Lane 2 according to which lane you want to display the report. For Single day report use only Date from and keep unchecked the check box for ranges of dates. After you select the date click Create Report and the report will be shown. For range of dates check the check box and select the second date. Make sure First Date is less then second date. Only found data will be shown on the report.

PLC screen provides you ability to view PLC data and change PLC time to PC time. To set PLC time, make sure PC time is correct, then just click on the button “Set PLC time from PC time”

Point Data screen is used to view the points which are used in this software.
Field Description:
  • this point is displayed
  • Hi Range – Hi range for the Alarm if set.
  • Index – Virtual number information representing the point ID
  • Description – User for the specific point
  • Address – Octal Address in the PLC
  • PLC – Decimal representation of the octal addressees
  • Tag – Tag is used to represent the point
  • Form – Form on which this point is used
  • Drawing – File name of the Cad drawing on which
  • Low Range – Low range for the Alarm if set
  • Alarming – The point is used for alarms, if checked
  • Historic – The point is stored for historic data if checked
  • Some Overrides on – In the PLC, there are some overrides turned ON. [ 6 ]
  • Override Enforced – Enforcing override for the selected point. Green color with “Enabled” caption tell you that override was enforced, otherwise, it will display Red color with “Disabled” caption.
  • Override – Tells you if override is On or OFF
  • Refresh – Will refresh all the point to the initial state
Index, Address, and Tag are selectable fields related to each other. Pick any point to view all the data for selected point. Form Field will filter all the points to the selected form, so you will have only points belonging to the selected form.
  • To view all the point again click refresh button. [ 5 ]
  • To view selected form, click on the eye image. [ 3 ]
  • To view cad drawing click on the drawing field, make sure the file name displayed properly. [ 4 ]
  • To enforce override, click on the field of red or green color [ 1 ]
  • To turn override On or Off click on the field [ 2 ]- 6
Softener, Softwater, Surfactant, Reclaim Water, Soap Injection, Cooldown and Foamer, Brushing 1, Brushing2, Waxing, Blowers.
This display is used to show the status of the serial communication to the PLC. The display also shows all the setting for the communication port and the status of communication. Result field will show status of communication. Any error occurred during communication will be displayed in that field. “Success” shows that communication is going successfully.
On Line button will establish communication to PLC if connection stopped for some reasons.
Off Line button will disconnect application from PLC. This will stop receiving data from PLC.
Busy will show red if software is retrieving data from PLC, and black if it is vacant to do some operations.

Drawings display gives you ability to review AutoCAD Drawings, and also make red marks, and zoom.
To view the drawing pick from drop down combo box the appropriate file name, selected drawing will be displayed.
Pooling Button – will turn communication ON or OFF. This button is used to stop communication if needed and resume it. The status of this button is shown on the label on the right with text displayed “Polling Off” - Red or “Polling On” – Green.
This software supports multi user security access. Any actions to pumps are accessible only for logged on user. After defined period of time of inactivity, the user will be logged off automatically. In order to continue, the user would have to log in again. If user is not logged on and he will click on the pump to turn on or off, he will be asked to enter user name and password.
To Log in – you would have to click on the blue label on the bottom status bar. Log In display will appear. Enter User name and password, and click Log IN button. Blue label will change to user name and access level.
Monitoring the data only, does not require for user to be logged on.
Communication Error: (Timeout)
Verify that all cables are in good conditions and correctly connected to appropriate serial comm. Port. Verify that PLC in control room is powered up and connected to serial cable.
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