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View the range of products developed by Parijat. You may even download the demo versions of the products
  Special Applications:
Continuous Emissions Monitoring Parijat Title V Compliance & Assurance System
Custody Transfer EFM Monitor Petromatic-Petrocount Management System
Geological Testing Lab Control & Analysis Pipe Tracker
High-Speed Data Logger Rotating Machines Control
Motor Testing System Tank Gauging System
Parijat SCADAPACK Data Save/Restore Utility Terminal Automation System (Liquids & Powders)
Terminal Automation
Tank farm Automation, Custody Transfer (Gas/Liquids) Rotating Machines
Terminal Automation, Tank Farm Automation, Gas or liquids Custody Transfer metering or Rotating Machines (Compressors, Turbines, generators or Electric Motor Prime Movers or loads) and other general automation needs. The applications are based on Microsoft native products and are configurable by users. The common features of the application(s) are listed below and the specific issues are listed at the bottom.
  • You shall never be enslaved to a particular non-Microsoft software vendor and or an individual consultant.
  • Seamlessly run the application(s) on 32-bit Windows NT/2000/XP with possible deployment on PocketPC,WindowsCE.
  • Forge ahead and leverage the state of the art technology from Microsoft and never have your system software be obsolete.
  • No run-time royalties or licensing to pay.
  • Eliminate the need to have multiple non-Microsoft applications running in the PC.
  • Non proprietary completely open software systems based on native Microsoft products, retaining the pluses of proprietary products. Microsoft .NET source code available.
  • Supports over 40 PLC, DCS, and RTU protocols via serial, TCP/IP or special industrial LANs.
  • Supports natively Microsoft SQL Server 2k or later, Access, Excel, Oracle & any ODBC compliant database.
  • Advanced reporting engine is built-in for presentation style complex reports.
  • Seamless integration with your SCADA, HMI or 3rd party business systems are possible.
  • Internet/Intranet enabled and e-commerce can be supported.
  • Real time data can be made available to your 3rd party SACDA, HMI systems via Modbus serial or TCP/IP, OPC and other standard protocols.
  • Client-server or n-tier modes of operation possible.
  • Remote dial in/out via telephones or RAS is possible.
  • Unlimited number of tags/points is supported.
  • Numerous hardware architectures suited to your exact needs are possible.
  • Support for the PocketPC PDA (Personal Digital Assistants) is available
  • Built-in e-mail capability.
  • System CAD drawings (DWG, DXF etc.), user manuals, and other control system documents may be embedded in various formats.
  • Enterprise wide connectivity is possible.
  • Custom drivers for other specialty hardware can be developed and deployed inexpensively.
  • Built in alarming, event handling, trending for both real-time & historian for unlimited points.
  • Export data to any special custom formats to other systems, if required.
  • Inventory or asset management is built in.
  • Unlimited amount of user security control and management
  • Unlimited number of commports, TCP/IP connections supported on PC side.
  • Integration with 3rd party ERP systems (SAP, BAAN, Peoplesoft, i2 etc.) possible or have the ERP functionality embedded.
  • Radio modem support for Modbus is built in and other protocols available.
  • Advanced enterprise wide communications diagnostics are available.
  • Based on true 32-bit technology of .NET, or older ActiveX, DCOM.
  • System can be OEM’d or private labeled to suit your needs.
  • Artificial intelligence or knowledge, rule, inference based engines may be embedded to facilitate or automate any activities or for decision support.
  • Process modeling, simulation and process I/O simulation may also be available.
  • Production data may be published over web sites for client side or server side applications and also for pub-sub (publish & subscribe) applications.
  • Complete technology transfer services are available.
Terminal Automation Systems:
  • Most Card Readers, batch readers, eye or finger sensors, and special BOL printers are supported.
  • Interface to Fisher Rosemount Petrocounts, FMC Smith Acculoads, OMNI, Daniel, Totalflow etc. is available
  • Unlimited number of bays, loading spots, and additive injection management possible.
  • Vapor Recovery systems may be integrated
Tank Farm Automation:
  • Custom strapping tables may be embedded or created.
  • Interface to SAAB, Varec, Enraf and others in any combinations possible.
  • Unlimited number of tanks and any combination of detector support are available.
  • Product movement management is available.
Custody Transfer Systems:>
  • Support for OMNI, Daniel, Solartron, Totalflow etc. is available.
  • Supports standard Gould Modicon Modbus, Enron Modbus and also Modbus extended custom function codes.
  • Pressure, temperature, density compensations on EFM data & delivery nominations may be enforced.
Rotating Machines Automation
  • Compressor performance curves may be created with live updates.
  • Rod loading and efficiency calculations may be integrated.
  • Configurable data driven applications may be deployed, where one application serves several units/stations, eliminating the maintenance costs associated with multi versions of software.
  • Powerful first-out reporting and drill down.Powerful process sequence control and outstanding control system diagnostics are available.
  • Surge line plots may be embedded.
  • Playback of data immediately prior to a certain event (unit shutdown etc.) is possible on the operating graphics.
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Disclaimer: Any mention of a product or vendor is for reference only & the names belong to their respective owners.
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