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View the range of products developed by Parijat. You may even download the demo versions of the products
  Special Applications:
Continuous Emissions Monitoring Parijat Title V Compliance & Assurance System
Custody Transfer EFM Monitor Petromatic-Petrocount Management System
Geological Testing Lab Control & Analysis Pipe Tracker
High-Speed Data Logger Rotating Machines Control
Motor Testing System Tank Gauging System
Parijat SCADAPACK Data Save/Restore Utility Terminal Automation System (Liquids & Powders)
Parijat SCADAPACK Data Save/Restore Utility
Scadapack Telepace software does not save the PLC register contents. This utility application shall let you save the contents of 40k registers and let you review the contents in a convenient spreadsheet format. The contents may also be viewed in various radices like binary, integer, octal, hex, float, ASCII strings etc. You define the address to start at and the quantity of registers and save the contents in a user defined Microsoft Access 2000 MDB file. The contents may be restored/downloaded into the Modbus slave device.May be customized and or integrated with HMI, SCADA or other Windows applications also.
Features & Benefits:
  • Written using proven, state of the art ActiveX and MFC based native and true 32-bit technology.
  • Work transparently under Win 95, 98, NT, 2000.
  • Data stored in Microsoft Access 2000 format.
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into the HMI application also.
  • Extremely easy to use.
  • Very lean and thin. Require low system and resources overhead.
Welcome to the world of Parijat, your exclusive and most mature, experienced (since 1992) source of help in Industrial data acquisition, control, HMI, SCADA and MIS, MRP, ERP or Internet applications based on non proprietary open architecture. Parijat is the only team member or an extension of your staff, that has been educating since 1992 that you no longer have to be a slave to the proprietary HMI, SCADA products anymore. Parijat can show you and train you how to apply Microsoft’s products to solve your mission critical control challenges, without loosing any advantages of the legacy proprietary solutions.
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