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EATON Cutler-hammer Incom protocal for Impacc  systems.NET


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The Eaton cutler Hammer Incom protocol for Impass systems driver from Parijat (ParImpacc), supports communication through serial or Ethernet ports to Eaton Cutler-Hammer devices using Incom or Impacc protocols, as a Master format. The driver enables users to capitalize on the low cost of communications equipment for use as the backbone for a power monitoring system and power quality analysis. ParImpacc can communicate with any serial via MINT or Ethernet via EMINT device (Master Industrial Communications Network Translator), equipment as breakers, digital meters or motor overload relays. It supports communication with MPCV, IQ 200 & other Eaton devices. The IMPACC protocol module is designed to communicate with devices that use the ASCII version of the INCOM protocol to communicate with a host.

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